The iQIYI DRM-S is a scalable, flexible, and secure solution that protects the security of the content being streamed on iQIYI platforms on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit® is an independent, industry-recognized methodology for reviewing the security of content protection technologies and end-to-end video platforms. For over 20 years, Cartesian has been performing security reviews that meet the rigorous standards of the major Hollywood studios. The review of iQIYI DRM-S examined its system architecture and its materials handling capabilities, as well as its business processes, client device security, and end-to-end implementation. The audit also benchmarked iQIYI DRM-S’ end-to-end system design, messaging security, and anti-piracy response to a strict standard, and it found that the overall security of iQIYI DRM-S is close to the best that can be achieved by a software DRM that supports a broad user base accessing the platform from a wide range of devices. As such, iQIYI DRM-S is well-equipped to protect premium HD content.

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