MESA Europe's European Content Protection Summit

Cartesian is a Gold Sponsor for MESA Europe’s European Content Protection Summit. Rishi Modha will present on credential sharing analytics and David Richards will moderate a panel discussion on tackling piracy revenue streams.

The one-day event brings together representatives from across the content community to share their views and updates on the current security issues facing the industry.

MESA Europe’s Fifth Annual European Content Protection Summit

14 November 2018, London

The MESA Europe Content Protection Summit focuses on providing updates on the current security issues that the industry is facing and the latest measures that can be taken to minimise the risks. Cartesian is a Gold Sponsor of the Summit.

During this full-day conference, informed speakers and panellists from across the content community, together with their  distribution and workflow partners, will share their views, experiences and details of the solutions adopted in the battle to protect against content and data theft. Legal and security specialists will also contribute to the discussion.

James Clark, VP of Security Sales will attend. He’ll be joined by David Richards and Rishi Modha who are presenting at the event.

PANEL: Targeting Pirate Revenues

Experts deliver presentations on different ways to tackle pirate income streams and join in a wider discussion with Q&A.

Moderator: David Richards, Director of Content Security

Panellists: Lee Kent, Head of Security Operations, Nordic Group; Diane Hamer, Head of Brand Protection, BBC Studios; others to be announced

PRESENTATION: Credential Sharing Analytics

During this session, hear about the issues posed by credential sharing and learn how analytics can be used to help tackle the problem. The presentation will give insights into consumer views and attitudes, the negative impact on the industry, the challenges being faced by content distributors, and the targeted actions being used to prevent flagrant sharing.

Speaker: Rishi Modha, Manager, Strategy

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