Excerpts from the article:

Today’s fragmented viewership is the biggest issue plaguing advertisers. Gone are the days when TV networks could rely on delivering a broadcast ad to the living room in primetime with the whole family gathered around. Today, advertisers have to navigate myriad devices, platforms and VOD in order to find their audience…

…If a universally recognised audience measurement covering multiscreen and time-shift is not reached, confidence in the medium could be destroyed. “The main danger is the perceived lack of transparency, which would result in missed opportunities for media publishers…If TV wants to take advantage of dynamically-inserted advertising, and the flexibility that comes with it, it needs to ensure that advertisers trust that they are getting what they pay for.” – Tim Jacks, Cartesian Principal, page 29

…Traditional pay TV operators have made progress in developing the use of analytics driven by their increase base of connected devices. Jacks at Cartesian says the company has worked with multiple operators to apply analytics to STB and device data “to develop a much more sophisticated understanding of their cost base – which content is delivering good value for money, which content is key to customer retention and so on.” – page 30

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