Digital video watermark technologies are increasingly vital for content owners and service providers to safeguard content from unauthorized distribution. The primary objective of watermarking is to combat post-decryption piracy. Unlike Conditional Access Systems and DRM solutions, which become ineffective after content theft, watermarking enables video distribution services to detect content leakages, identify their source/s, and take targeted remedial actions.

Since 2017, Cartesian has been at the forefront of testing the robustness of video watermarking technologies. With a comprehensive test suite consisting of 158 tests, developed in collaboration with Hollywood studios, watermark solution vendors, MovieLabs, and MPAA, we have been instrumental in enhancing the capabilities of these technologies. Our testing and feedback have allowed vendors to improve their solutions and their resilience to attacks.

However, even the most robust watermarking technology fails if not supported by a secure end-to-end implementation. This is why Cartesian also review the end-to-end implementation of watermarking solutions (client-side or server-side). The goal is to verify how implementations are protected against attempts to, for example, deactivate the watermarking process, change its characteristics, tamper with the marked identifiers, or break the traceability chain in any manner. Additionally, for client-side solutions, the security of integration within the clients is assessed.

These comprehensive reviews cater to solution vendors and service providers who have deployed a watermarking solution. Upon completion the customers receive a detailed report, outlining the level of security, identifying potential areas of improvement, and providing concrete, actionable recommendations to address them. As a testament to their commitment to security, our customers are awarded the prestigious Farncombe Security™ Shield Mark, which can be proudly displayed on their websites.

We have had the privilege of evaluating watermarking technologies from renowned companies such as TikTok/ ByteDance, Friend MTS, Alibaba, and Pallycon. Through our collaborative efforts, we continue to drive the advancement of watermarking technologies, which are essential to content owners and service providers in the battle against piracy.

"For a watermarking technology to be effective, its robustness must be demonstrated, and its end-to-end implementation must be resistant against pirates’ attempts to interfere with the watermarking process."