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Strategy Leadership

Contact our strategy team leaders to discuss how we can help with strategic priorities.
  • Samuel Kornstein, CFA

    Managing Director, Strategy & Analytics

    +1 617 999-1121 •

  • Michael Dargue

    Vice President

  • Rishi Modha

    Vice President

    +1 617 999-1021 •

  • Vito Morawetz

    Vice President

    +44 20 7643 5563 •

  • Neal Paye

    Vice President

    +1 617 999-1002 •

  • Andy Welch

    Vice President

    +44 776 497 6879 •

  • Scott Appleton


  • Simon Evans


  • Mattia Janigro


    +1 617 999-1004 •

  • Matt Field

    Head of Analytics, EMEA

Samuel Kornstein, CFA

Managing Director, Strategy & Analytics

Sam is Managing Director for Cartesian’s global Strategy & Analytics practice, with responsibilities for client development and engagement oversight.

He brings over ten years of experience advising clients on a broad range of strategic initiatives. He has worked with clients on topics including corporate strategy, product strategy, growth strategy, market analysis, data analysis and visualization, and predictive analytics.

Sam’s project expertise includes:

  • Growth opportunity identification and execution
  • Sales & Marketing strategy including realizing ROI through data driven test and learn programs
  • Customer data analytics and customer lifecycle management programs
  • Market strategy development and assessment
  • Video and content-delivery business models
  • Network investment strategy and cost modelling
  • Regulatory policy assessment and development

Sam received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and his Bachelor of Science degree with Honors from the Boston University School of Management.

Contact Sam via the email below or at +1 617 999-1121

Michael Dargue

Vice President

Michael leads strategy and regulatory engagements for service providers, network operators, equipment vendors, investors, and regulatory authorities.

He has over 30 years of experience in the telecoms sector including 12 years in industry. Specific areas of expertise include fibre broadband, fixed-mobile convergence, enterprise services, network technology, and telecoms sector regulation. Michael has advised clients on opportunity sizing, entry option analysis, proposition development, and go-to-market planning.

Examples of Michael’s client work include:

  • Researching buyer attitudes and drivers in the enterprise market
  • Undertaking market analysis and competitor benchmarking
  • Rationalising products and pricing for an international service provider
  • Preparing business cases for commercial and state-funded fibre networks
  • Leading technical and commercial due diligence for rural and metro fibre networks
  • Developing BU-LRIC cost models for setting charge controls on fixed and mobile networks

Prior to Cartesian, Michael led an international team at Colt Telecom with responsibility for network strategy, network planning, and product development. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Bristol and is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the IET.

Rishi Modha

Vice President

Rishi is a Vice President in Cartesian’s Boston office and is responsible for leading strategy and analytics engagements.

He has extensive experience working with communications and video service providers on strategic initiatives, helping them use data science and analytics to drive effective commercial actions.

His project expertise includes:

  • Content Planning and Investment
  • Customer Experience Improvement
  • Customer Value Management
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Network Planning and Investment
  • Product Development
  • Sales and Marketing Improvement

Rishi received a BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Bristol.

Vito Morawetz

Vice President

Vito leads product, technology and infrastructure strategy engagements for service providers and network operators. He has over 25 years of experience in the telecom sector, including 15 years in the industry.

Specific areas of Vito’s expertise include network and operational transformation, supplier selection and management, access and interconnect strategy, network optimisation, identification and delivery of cost reduction opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and post-merger rationalisation.

Prior to Cartesian, Vito held executive positions in Network Strategy and Operations at Vodafone, Virgin Media, Cable and Wireless, and MCIWorldcom, and was a management consultant at DDV/Logica Consulting, CSMG, and BIS/Nynex.

He received a Degree in International Economics from Bocconi University in Milan.

Neal Paye

Vice President

Neal is a Vice President based in Cartesian’s Boston office and a member of the North America Strategy & Analytics team. Neal has 10+ years of strategic advisory experience, including consulting advisory and internal corporate/business strategy roles. His areas of expertise include product and go-to-market strategy, customer experience enhancement, sales & marketing optimization, market & competitive analysis, data analysis & visualization, and commercial due diligence. Neal’s experience spans the TMT ecosystem, including service providers, tech vendors, investors, regulators, and other industry stakeholders.

Neal received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and his Bachelor of Science degree from Questrom School at Boston University.

Andy Welch

Vice President

Andy is leading strategy engagements in the 5G and cellular space. 5G is enabling the biggest set of disruptive changes in telecoms for many years creating opportunities for new use cases, business models and services.

Andy was recently Technical Director at the UK’s largest 5G testbed in the West Midlands covering urban deployment, use case trials and enterprise engagement. Prior to that he held several permanent, interim and consulting roles in strategy and architecture for telecoms companies such as O2, Cable and Wireless, Vodafone, EE, Meteor, Eircom and others.

During that time he’s led work on:

  • Technology programmes for acquisitions and divestments
  • National network sharing agreements
  • Network performance leadership
  • National cellular rollouts
  • MVNO startups
  • Pan-European deployments

Scott Appleton


Scott is a Principal based in Cartesian’s London office and leads strategy engagements for service providers, network providers, technology vendors, regulators, and investors. Scott has 10+ years of experience in strategic advisory for the telecoms, digital media, and technology sectors.

His project expertise includes:

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Market & competitive analysis
  • Technology evaluation & strategy
  • Network economics
  • Customer & product experience analytics
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Fibre broadband
  • Enterprise communications services

Prior to Cartesian, Scott has also worked at CSMG, Delta Partners, and Strategic Analytics. Scott received his MSci in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Simon Evans


Simon is a Principal in Cartesian’s London office and is responsible for leading strategy engagements. He has extensive experience working with service providers and network operators on a range of initiatives, from growth strategy to data governance.

His project expertise includes:

  • Growth/Expansion Strategy
  • Network Economics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Procurement & Regulatory Support
  • Data Analysis & Visualisation
  • Market Research
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Telecom Processes

Simon received a BSc in International Management from the University of Warwick.

Mattia Janigro


Mattia is a Principal in Cartesian’s Boston office and a member of the North America Strategy & Analytics team. Mattia has been in an advisory role for his entire career, with experience spanning sales, marketing, logistics, and network design. At Cartesian, Mattia leads engagements focused on long-term business strategy, infrastructure planning, brand strategy, and competitive intelligence. In addition to strategy expertise, Mattia has worked extensively with technical teams and data scientists.

Mattia received his MBA from the NYU Stern School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester.

Matt Field

Head of Analytics, EMEA