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Reducing Operational Failures in Data Centre and Network Equipment for a Telecom Operator

Client Case Study

Our client’s situation:

A telecommunications operator had been experiencing a high level of operational failures in data centre and network equipment resulting in poor service to customers. The operator identified poor installation as a major source of these issues. It was clear that developing new standards for future installation activity and designing new operation processes were required as part of an overall operational review.

How we approached the issue:

After experiencing a number of failures through other approaches, the client Executive Committee engaged Cartesian, as independent external experts, to review the installation standards and support its network team. To start, our team conducted a number of site audits to assess the quality of installations. We then proposed the appropriate actions required to ensure future operational success.

What we did to help:

We found that installation standards and the degree of resilience and reliability varied widely across our client’s infrastructure. Because of this variability, there was also a significant lack of knowledge on the installed systems and equipment. Working closely with our client’s network team, we developed a new set of standards for future installation activity and delivered a comprehensive training programme that entrenched these new standards throughout the organization. Finally, we proposed a new organizational structure to better manage installations activity and support processes to encourage operational efficiency.

The end result:

Following the completion of the project, the network team had a new set of standards to operate installation activity, all staff were appropriately trained and a new site management structure was implemented. Six months after the launch of the new installations process there were zero installation-related faults.

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