Navigating technologies & strategies for access network delivery

Join us at Gigabit Access 2021 where Principal Jaume Fornos will moderate a panel on strategy and technology for gigabit cable, and VP Michael Dargue will moderate a panel on strategies for a more sustainable network rollout.

Gigabit Access – A virtual event by Total Telecom

20-21 April 2021

The focus for this year’s conference will be exploring the role that next-generation access technologies, including NG-PON2, XGS-PON, DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0, and 5G, are playing in network development. Discussions will also look at how emerging virtualisation technologies are revolutionising network management and the impact that this is having on network strategy.

20 April 2021, 14:20-15:20

PANEL: Strategy & technology for gigabit cable

  • The evolution of HFC networks
  • Will DOCSIS 4.0 be a serious competitor to fibre?
  • Competition and demand dynamics


  • Luk Bruynseels, VP Engineering, Telenet
  • Jeff Finkelstein, Chief Access Scientist, Cox Communications
  • Israel Madiedo, Innovation & Technology Director, izzi telecom
  • Leo-Geert van den Berg, Director, Fixed Network, VodafoneZiggo

Moderator: Jaume Fornos, Principal, Cartesian

21 April 2021, 10:00 -11:00

KEYNOTE PANEL: Strategies for ensuring a greener and more sustainable network rollout

  • Building more sustainable network infrastructure
  • Ensuring environmental impact is a factor in decision making
  • Which technologies are the most sustainable?
  • What are the key factors to consider? E.g., power consumption, choice of materials, etc.


  • Vincent Garnier, Director General, FTTH Council Europe
  • Yogesh Malik, CTIO, Tele2
  • Filip De Greve, Product Marketing Director, Fixed Networks, Nokia

Moderator: Michael Dargue, Vice President, Cartesian

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