FTTH Virtual Conference

15-16 September 2021

A virtual event organized by FTTH Council Europe

15 September 2021, 11:30-13:00 CEST

1B: Technologies to address the increased post-pandemic broadband demand

As described on the conference website: “Winston Churchill once said: “Never waste a good crisis”. After a year of homeworking, we have realized that remote work can be effective and efficient. However, this is only true when we have access to first-class broadband access. In the long run, this work-from-anywhere experience may even cause a demographic shift from urban to more rural areas. Fiber access is clearly a top feature to attract these city-escapers and tourists that expect their broadband to be anywhere and of the highest quality.  In this workshop, two operators will illustrate how they see broadband demand shifting, and how they can deploy fiber cost-effectively to address this. Furthermore, we present VLEO Satellite Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access and discuss their respective use cases.”