Connected Britain 2021

21-22 September 2021

An in-person event being held at the Business Design Centre in London

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21 September, 14:20 BST

The Evolving Investment Landscape

Panel moderated by Michael Dargue, Vice President

  • New investors and investment models
  • How could the investment environment in the UK better incentivise rollouts?

21 September, 14:20 BST

Delivering the Right Technology Mix

Panel moderated by Scott Appleton, Engagement Manager

  • Delivering the right technology mix for the countryside 
  • How can the UK optimise deployments in the rural context?
  • The role of wireless technologies

21 September, 14:20 BST

How Are Emerging Technologies Enabling Faster Broadband Rollout?

Panel moderated by Vito Morawetz, Vice President

  • How are emerging technologies enabling faster broadband rollout?
  • Ensuring your workforce have the best tools

21 September, 15:10 BST

The Role of Smart City Innovations in Tackling Urban Challenges

Panel moderated by Redouane Ali, Management Consultant

  • How can local authorities capitalise on the opportunity of technology to address key challenges?
  • The role of the technologies such as the IoT, data analysis, AI in smart city deliveryn inp