BEAD Program Strategy


We can help identify where to apply for government grants to build winning network expansion programs.

The BEAD program, distributing $42.5B to state broadband offices, presents a unique opportunity for ISPs, particularly those serving underserved areas. While larger ISPs have dedicated teams for grant strategy, smaller ISPs may require expert guidance. Cartesian offers a battle-tested methodology designed to help ISPs swiftly assess opportunities, identify potential obstacles, and engage effectively with states where economically compelling locations exist.

Cartesian’s expertise extends across a multitude of areas, empowering ISPs to enhance their products, services, organizations, and market presence.

We have a long-standing partnership with ACA Connects, spanning over a decade, and a strong alliance with the Fiber Broadband Association and its members. Our track record includes diverse achievements such as regulatory support, network expansion strategies, competitive analysis, sales and marketing enhancements, product development, analytics, churn reduction, comprehensive market research, and invaluable M&A support.

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