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Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

If an organization is diverse, as we are… and purposefully maintains a high hire rate of women and diverse talent from underrepresented groups, as we do…

If we are confident that our people policies and culture support and strengthen equality, inclusion and flexibility… and that our leaders and managers are focused on developing all our people…

What more do we need to do?

DEI at Cartesian

We need to shout about how committed we are to a culture of belonging that allows everyone to thrive, bring their authentic selves to work, and contribute their unique perspectives to the work we do, which is to serve the TMT sector.

Our mission is to be the first choice for strategic advice, project delivery, and technology solutions, enabling our clients to evolve their products and services and deliver the best experiences to their customers. We know that to be the best at what we do, we need to be continuously and radically open-minded and inclusive.

At Cartesian we EMBRACE difference in opinion and views and CHALLENGE closed thinking. Our diversity ensures the best ideas are brought to the table, and that the problems our customers face are solved.

We know that DEI in the workplace is more than training programs or statements of commitment. At Cartesian we ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Our aim is not just the generation of brilliant ideas and excellence in quality delivery, but a strong and cohesive environment for all our employees to thrive in.

Recent Initiatives

Women in Tech at Cartesian (WiT@C) launched on 10 March 2022

WiT@C is committed to closing the gap of female representation at the most senior levels within the organisation, by focusing on recruitment, retention, and development and through encouraging, supporting, and providing mentoring to women at all stages in their career. WiT@C is an internal network where employees, external professionals and role models come together to speak about overcoming career and personal challenges.

Recent and Upcoming Events

  • “Owning Your Career” – A global Cartesian teleconference featuring guest speaker Jill Knesek, Chief Information and Security Officer at BlackLine Inc.
  • London office bi-monthly lunches to socialize and discuss issues at our favourite Clerkenwell restaurant!
  • A new initiative in collaboration with local schools in London to create awareness and dispel misconceptions, doubts and fears about pursuing careers in STEM.

Our Mantra

“Encourage exploration, discovery, education, and an ability to do whatever excites and drives a person – and they will forever inspire you in return” – Jim Serafin, CEO

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