Throughout the report, Cartesian’s Principal, Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, shares his thoughts on 5G and its potential impact. Including:

On the role of a fixed-line operator in providing backhaul to small cells:

“Having infrastructure in proximity to future small cell demand creates a competitive advantage that allows fixed operators to serve these small cells very economically.”

On fixed-mobile convergence:

“Converged operators will be able to use their combined assets to a greater extent to serve customers end to end. This will allow them to invest more into their platforms, putting more emphasis on the quality of their services, making them more flexible, more agile, allow more innovation and a faster time-to-market.”

On mobile broadband and mobile operators:

“Mobile operators have the opportunity to offer a managed end-to-end, customer broadband experience that is seamless inside and outside the home. They can leverage the NFV platforms they’ve been building and extend network functions to include wireline ones, allow for flexible service design and faster time to market. On the enterprise side, there is even greater opportunity…”

Read more insight in the 26-page report.

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