Managed Solutions Consultant – James

Career Journey

I have worked for Cartesian just over 4 years, previously having worked in IT since 2002 – first as a Data Analyst at Computer Cab and then as a Data Specialist/SAS Developer at BUPA. Since joining Cartesian I have transitioned from being a developer with some project experience to being a fully fledged Prince2 certified Project Manager, program managing for Cartesian’s largest clients. I have also gone from have a basic knowledge of Telecoms to being a well regarded SME for RA, ICOMS, Telco Networks and Complex Business Telephony.

The reason I joined Cartesian was that it offered me the chance to branch out into new areas and develop new skill sets (primarily in the areas of end-to-end software delivery and project management). I enjoy working at Cartesian as things move a lot faster here than in other larger companies – a project can be conceived on Monday and be up and running by the end of the week. Cartesian is also a very inclusive company: when looking at solutions, ideas are considered and opinion is always valued regardless of position in the company.

The sort of person I believe would fit in well at Cartesian would be a self-starter with ambition, someone who has a willingness and the capacity to learn quickly, someone who loves thinking their way around a problem and coming up with a creative solution.

Personally, I have found Cartesian to be the most enjoyable place to work in my career to date. The learning opportunities are endless, there’s a great mix of people and a shared ambition to constantly move forwards.<>