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To gain advantage in the market, your products need to deliver a compelling experience at the right price. It is key to have a clear roadmap and go-to-market strategy for all new products in order to accelerate time-to-market and drive profitability. Guiding products through the development cycle is always difficult, and knowing when and how to retire a product is far from simple.

Cartesian works with you to plan, launch and optimize your products. We support throughout the product lifecycle from developing a product roadmap to retiring legacy products and migrating customers to new offers. Our consultants have the industry experience and expertise to accelerate time-to-market and drive product profitability.

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Cartesian has worked with leading firms to help plan, launch and optimize their products and services. We can help you throughout the product lifecycle in market assessment, developing go-to-market strategies, evaluating product profitability and rationalizing product portfolios. If you need support in getting a product launched (or managed to end-of-life) our consultants have the industry experience and expertise to get you there faster.

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