Network virtualization is the evolution needed for the future of the telecoms industry

Is change happening fast enough?  CSPs are under pressure as the explosion in customer demand for data is stretching traditional operations to the limit. Network virtualization is crucial to meeting these demands, with 69% of survey respondents agreeing that operators that do not virtualize their networks will struggle to compete.

The Future of Networks: Dealing with transformation in a virtualized world

Cartesian’s report, “The Future of Networks”, produced in collaboration with the Broadband Forum, distills the perspectives of senior business, technical, and operational executives from across the telecoms industry and reports on how companies are handling the biggest change the telecoms sector has seen in decades.

Although companies who have started the process are making progress, there is still plenty of work to be done – both within the CSPs and across the industry. In our report, learn why progress is slow, what companies are doing about the challenges they are facing, and how a bigger movement within the industry can make a difference.


  • 73% of respondents say their companies are behind schedule in their NFV/SDN deployments.
  • Higher than projected costs make the business case difficult to prove but competitive factors make the decision to virtualize a strategic one.
  • The move from physical infrastructure to virtual means a major cultural transformation for networks and IT departments.
  • An industry-wide skills gap is sparking a revamp in training and recruitment practices.