Cartesian Strategic Analytics

Actionable Insights With Strategic Analytics Solutions

Strategic Analytics solutions combine our industry expertise and analytics-based consulting skills with technology that works with yours. We make advanced data analytics easy so that you get actionable, strategic insights quickly.

Strategic Analytics:
Achieve results with Advanced Analytics

By combining our strategy consulting expertise with advanced data integration and analytics techniques, our Strategic Analytics solutions help you overcome data challenges and identify actionable business opportunities.

Cartesian is a proud recipient of AT&T’s 2018 Transformation Award

Our analytics solutions can:

  • Integrate disparate data sources across systems and functions
  • Identify the most relevant actionable insights
  • Recommend and implement strategic and operational actions that are aligned with business objectives

Our focus is on outcomes. So we customize any analytics solution to meet your unique needs and constraints.


Scalable solutions across multiple functional areas

Example use cases:


Sales & Marketing Analytics

Improve sales execution and marketing effectiveness through data-driven decision-making.

  • Sales Channel Optimization – Identify actionable improvement opportunities to drive sales and grow your business
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy – Get personal and more effective campaign designs based on distinct customer behaviors and needs

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Product Management Analytics

Make timely product and service changes with better intelligence on customer behavior and usage patterns.

  • Video Platform Analytics – Achieve improved customer experiences with a multilayered analysis of STB and OTT video subscriber usage patterns
  • Password Sharing Identification & Mitigation – Understand the extent to which OTT and TVE customers are sharing their credentials with non-subscribers, and take action to limit and monetize the behavior

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Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Increase customer retention and satisfaction through greater insight into loyalty drivers.

  • Churn Driver Analytics – Implement ROI positive churn reduction strategies based on a deep understanding of why customers leave
  • Churn Propensity Modelling – Proactively identify ‘at-risk’ customers for retention using your customized predictive churn model

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With our solutions, you leverage the insights in your data to identify and act on business opportunities.


A flexible approach to actionable insights

We provide a complete solution for data integration, data management and ongoing analytical support. Our Strategic Analytics solutions easily integrate with your existing systems.

Our data experts can merge, clean, aggregate, transform and flatten complex and messy data sources to prepare raw data for analytics. We can build custom data warehouses or integrate our solution to leverage existing ones. With our adaptable platform, we can set up clients to achieve advanced analytics quickly. In some cases, clients have been set up in as little time as a week.

Be more competitive with Strategic Analytics

Staying competitive is a continuous challenge in our ever-changing telecoms, media and technology industries. Your most valuable insights are found in the vast amount of data generated by your networks, systems and customer devices. Traditional data analysis gives simple reporting on what has been going in your business.

With advanced analytics, you answer the “why” questions through which you can achieve business intelligence and make better decisions using predictive analytics. We specialize in advanced analytics to deliver you strategic and actionable insights.

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Our Strategic Analytics solutions help you:

  • Drive sales growth with a clear understanding on how to optimize your sales channels
  • Spend more effectively by focusing marketing resources on campaigns that will provide the greatest return
  • Reduce churn and improve customer experiences with a focused understanding of loyalty drivers
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities with real-time insight into your customers’ experiences and needs

Our solutions are like the Rosetta Stone – they help reveal the stories held within your data. With our Strategic Analytics solutions, you make more insightful business decisions faster.

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