Technology Transition

As Operators upgrade their infrastructure to enable new services, they need to transition their customers from their legacy to the next generation networks.

This network transformation process goes above and beyond the operator’s business-as-usual (BAU) processes and requires knowledge, experience and resources that can help minimize the associated risk, accelerate transformation and lock-in the desired/planned benefits (e.g. ARPU increase, penetration increase, lower OpEx, etc.).

Our Approach

We help operators to evaluate, design, and accelerate technology transition through our specialist resources, processes and proprietary methodology developed from over 25 years’ industry experience.

We can help with:

  • Business case for technology transition – revenue churn/upside, decommissioning savings, transitions costs
  • Customer and product strategy – data reconciliation, product mappings/rationalization
  • Customer migration and platform decommissioning – planning and execution

We can provide Project Management to reap Op Ex cost savings faster and provide dashboards to stay current on the migration process. We provide customized analytics to reduce churn as well as customized customer management and communications.

Case Study Reference

  • Fiber Access Network Migration for a Tier 1 Carrier: Our client received end-to-end strategic support with planning and analytics throughout their transformation process. We accelerated our client’s transformation by 1.5x, while also reducing execution risk and achieving the benefits of its validated business case.
> Read the full client case study

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