Access & Interconnect Optimization

Telecom operators combine their own network assets with third party network inputs in order to provide services to their customers. We help Telcos minimize cost and maximize efficiency of third party inputs by identifying the optimal interconnect partners, locations, platforms and technologies.

Our Approach

We use a modular approach to systematically analyze the complex data environment typically associated with Access and Interconnect cost base.

Combining this approach with our deep expertise in networks, we identify and qualify cost reduction opportunities, delivering cost reduction and providing tools and methodologies for “in life” use.

We can help with:

  • Audit, review and benchmarking—cost categorization and cost drivers.
  • Cost optimization—interconnect footprint optimization, product strategy and profitability assessment, least cost routing; commercial and regulatory opportunities.
  • Network economics—on-net vs off-net; coverage analysis; cost/margin lifecycle management.

Case Study References

  • Wireline Business Profitability Assessment for a National Telco: Our client used our analysis of pricing and identification of key unprofitability drivers to build new strategies for repricing specific circuit types and accounts.
  • Interconnect Cost Reduction Across a Telco’s Multinational Operations: Using our review, our client established a focused cost savings program and further engaged us to implement the opportunities identified. The program achieved savings of up to 10% in the cost categories addressed.
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