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Collect, exchange and recycle mobile devices

A fully managed service for the collection, exchange and recycling of mobile devices. SmartXchange® is an cost-efficient solution that increases customer loyalty, improves retention and lifetime value, and delivers against environmental corporate social responsibility goals.


SmartXchange® manages the collection, exchange and recycling of mobile devices for communication service providers. Built on Cartesian’s award winning Ascertain® platform, SmartXchange is an efficient device lifecycle management solution that:

  • Supports both operator and customer initiated trade-in activity;
  • Enables proactive targeting of specific devices and customers, and;
  • Results in a self-funded program with a positive ROI.

Launched in 2010, SmartXchange has since processed over 2.5 million device returns and over 1.2 million accepted customer offers.

SmartXchange leverages customer data to proactively target qualified leads using a four-step process:

  • Identification — connects customer data with pre-defined business rules and communication trigger events
  • Matching — cross-references that data to generate a qualified customer segment for targeted offers
  • Notification — defines communication and market segments to customize individual offers to each qualified lead
  • Acquisition — tracks each customer’s response to their offer for future targeting, closing the loop for rewarding customer behavior where appropriate

By proactively engaging customers at critical lifecycle points, SmartXchange enhances customer retention and loyalty programs while addressing the need for a recycling solution to address environmental concerns of disposed mobile devices.

SmartXchange also supports the design, execution and ongoing management of device trade-in programs to allow companies to fully capture their programs’ value. With SmartXchange, companies are better able to obtain the financial returns from the resale, upsell and refurbishment of recaptured devices.