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Smart Buildings

Reducing energy consumption is good for business and good for the environment. For operators that already have a complete view of their energy costs, Cartesian’s Smart Buildings service supports them to reduce spend and emissions. We also provide full audit and benchmarking support for those that don’t yet have a clear view of the potential savings to be made.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings is Cartesian’s managed service for energy cost management and operational intelligence. By applying our understanding of communications sector with the industry-leading Maestro technology, we provide the intelligence and control to drive measureable savings in cost.

Maestro is a powerful cloud-based analytics platform that links to your existing building management systems. Cartesian’s Smart Buildings service uses Maestro to provide a consolidated view of facilities and asset performance across your full estate.

Our fully managed solution enables operators to achieve measurable cost savings, enhance their operational intelligence, and generate cost performance improvements at scale.


  • Major OPEX reduction, with energy savings of 16-25%
  • High certainty of benefit from 20+ years of experience
  • Option for full solution financing – EBIT positive from Year 1
  • Capital-light business case (<32 month payback)
  • Operational intelligence and improvement
  • Outsourced managed service model, with continued optimization
  • Support for environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Customization to suit your needs

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