Augmented Visual Support

Our Augmented Visual Support solution allows call center agents and field service technicians to see exactly what end users see, enabling fast, effective problem diagnosis and resolution.

Intelligent Remote Visual Support Solution

Cartesian’s Augmented Visual Support is a remote visual support solution that enhances customer support and field services with TechSee augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Our solution provides multi-channel technical support for:

  • Consumer – Call Center Agent
  • Enterprise – Field Services Technicians
  • Digital – Online / Self-Serve

Consumer – Call Center

Augmented Visual Support allows call center agents to see exactly what customers see, enabling fast, effective problem diagnosis and resolution through advanced real time video and photo-chat technology.

How Does It Work?

Your agents connect with customers via their mobile device and use TechSee augmented reality and interactive techniques that so that they can provide better technical support and solve customer’s problems quicker. No more misinterpretations – with real-time video, your agents can diagnose and resolve customer issues faster. Our team can give you a free demo so you can see how it simplifies the process.

Easy Set-Up for Fast Results

For your customer support agents:
  1. Quick set-up: Your Call Centers get a SaaS plug ‘n’ play solution that is easy to use. We can get it up and running in just 3 days.
  2. Minimal training: Training only takes 1.5 hours or less. In many use cases, agents can be trained during calls.
  3. Device Compatible: It supports over 90% of all the smart devices on the market.
For your customers:
  1. No installation needed: Customers do not need to install an app. This keeps your customer experience seamless, and it respects your customer’s wish not to be forced to install apps.
  2. Non-intrusive: Customers control their device for the entire duration of the call.
  3. Respects privacy: Customers can stop a session at any time and use its auto-freeze feature.

Enterprise – Field Services

Provide field technicians with the capability of visual consultations to and from the field. Our solution extends the reach of experts allowing senior technicians to support their associates while avoiding additional technician travel cost. In the same way, remote visual support will reduce a new technician’s training. With our remote visual support solution, you can transmit the experience of your most qualified technicians across your service organization.

Field technicians remote visual support

  • Visually connects field technician with a command center and experts on the go
  • Uses augmented reality enhanced visual guidance for quick consultation and resolution
  • Works in low connectivity and challenging conditions

Digital – Online / Self-Serve

Customer support via digital channels

Digital brings visual support to enable ‘assisted self-care’ over your digital channels – self- service which involves one point assistance of a human expert (such as chat, emails, social media, ‘call me’ button)

This visual support increases the success rate in the digital support channels, simply by allowing a visual communication between the customer and a human agent.

Digital can work with any channel – chat, email, social media, web link. It allows customers to simply connect via a URL link and show their problem to an expert. This combines the customer journey in a way that doesn’t bounce the customer around; they stay in the digital channel until the problem is resolved. Even when the problem requires human intervention, the transition is smooth.

Digital is an open platform and can integrate into your existing self-service portal, chat and email support systems.  It offers support for multiple scenarios – offline and online to allow maximal flexibility.

Proven ROI & Consistent KPIs

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