Cartesian Anti-piracy Services

Anti-Piracy Services

Piracy, in our multi-networked, multi-platform, digitalized world, is increasingly complex. To combat piracy, you need a combination of a broad set of expertise as well as sophisticated tools and analyses.

Cartesian provides expert support to identify risks, evaluate the threats they represent and develop effective anti-piracy strategies. We assist studios and the entire media value chain with all security-related aspects of protecting content and transactions.

Anti-Piracy Test and Monitoring Services

At Cartesian, we have a broad set of experiences and skills that we use to solve piracy issues and offer a range of services.

Threat Monitoring:

Using a combination of cloud based search and monitoring tools, as well as expertise from our Security Analysts, we build and maintain a Threat Model for each of our clients. This seeks to identify threats:

  • For the operator platform and consumer services
  • For third party platforms distributing your content
  • For the underlying technologies (e.g. CAS/DRM system, selected chipsets, other devices by the same manufacturers, …).

Behavioral Monitoring:

Usage reporting data gathered from consumer devices and head-end systems can be used to support Behavioral Monitoring. This monitoring uses a powerful log analysis engine to detect anomalies, inconsistencies, and indicators of security/fraud issues. Rules and alerts are tailored to your data, and support both threshold-based and trend-based alarms, depending on your requirements.

Forensic Analysis:

As threats are discovered, we provide the expertise you need to analyze the threat in detail and provide advice on your response.

Geo-filtering Testing:

As you move to over-the-top (OTT) content distribution, the need to ensure that your content is served only to authorized geographies is increasingly important. We support the testing of your solution, or a third party’s solution, to determine whether successful identification and blocking of VPN services and other circumvention mechanisms occur.

Watermarking Robustness:

Is the solution you have adopted or plan to adopt secure, and is that solution robust to content manipulation? We provide the testing you need to get the answers.

Revenue Assurance and Anti-Piracy ROI:

Are you losing revenue from content piracy? We help you assess the scale of your loss and specify means to define the Return on Investment for your business the moment you decide to engage in anti-piracy activities.

Password Sharing Analysis:

Are your consumers sharing passwords against the terms and conditions of your service? We identify the scale of this issue and help you structure a response.

Client Case Studies:

Anti-Piracy: Our Approach to Targeting Piracy

Backed by our comprehensive and test and monitoring services, Cartesian's approach to anti-piracy is a three-step process:

Your Piracy Landscape

Building an effective anti-piracy strategy starts with facing any fear of the unknown. Combining our security expertise with our deep knowledge and experience of the content world, Cartesian analysts work with our clients to define a Threat Model. The Threat Model is designed to help our clients understand the range of risks they face and their potential scale. We carry out independent analysis using specialist tools to monitor how your content and data behave and how it propagates to and from online ecosystems in order to determine effective measures to better control access to your content. Defining your piracy landscape means identifying the:

  • Potential scale of illegal redistribution of your content
  • Primary piracy sources across Surface, Deep and Dark Web
  • Reasons your content is subject to piracy

A Targeted Anti-Piracy Strategy

Working closely with our clients to continually evolve the Threat Model, Cartesian defines actions to mitigate the threats to your business. This is achieved through a risk and impact assessment, based on industry best practices, of each threat along with recommended solutions to put in place. Where required, we help our clients through the process of selecting applicable technologies and solution vendors, maintaining our neutral position at all times. Our experience in the industry enables us to advise on what the popular strategies are and which ones really work. The goal of an anti-piracy strategy is to define how to adapt your business and operational processes to address the piracy threats you face. This is achieved by implementing:

  • Security governance based on business priorities
  • Cost-effective technical solutions to monitor threats
  • Processes to continue evolving the threat model, adapting it to technological innovations

Effective Enforcement

Executing an anti-piracy enforcement strategy effectively is a challenge. Once threats and risks have been identified, and a strategy has been defined, the job of enforcement begins. Doing this effectively often means collaborating with relevant third parties across industry verticals, tracking data and manually verifying risks. Detailed analysis, regular reporting and targeted actions are key to being successful in the fight against piracy. Effective enforcement means:

  • Establishing a feedback loop
  • Reacting appropriately and adequately
  • Ensuring the right resources and partners are available