Dave Fitton

    Dave Fitton

    Principal Consultant

    Dave is a Principal Consultant. He has worked in data integrity, network inventory, revenue assurance and various migration programmes both in the UK and overseas.

    Dave’s passion for data integrity was one of the driving components behind the Ascertain® product line, and he worked on a number of successful implementations, driving value back to the customer from data management and assurance. Recent successful projects include:

    • Customer migrations of an acquired base of half a million broadband customers to a strategic CRM and network platform.
    • Implementation of an Ascertain® solution for a mobile operator to review data integrity between CRM, mobile voice network, mobile data network and rating systems.
    • Working with a customer and Openreach to support an end user migration project.

    Dave studied Electronics and Communications as his honours degree, and went on to do a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and Power Systems, sponsored by Rolls Royce.Dave worked at British Telecom, worked in power systems and for various Communications Providers before joining Cartesian in 1997. At Roll Royce, Dave developed an innovative Neural Network based controller for electrical supply systems, taking his PhD work to a product stage.

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