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As former executives of communications, cable, technology, financial services, and entertainment companies, we are industry experts. We have deep, vertical knowledge and a thorough understanding of technology, market, product, and business issues in these industries.

Chris Quintin

Managing Director, EMEA

Roger Peden

Director, Managed Solutions (EMEA)

Craig Sambridge

Director, Research & Development (EMEA)

Joanna Cline

Vice President, Human Resources (NA)

Ron Angner, PhD

Senior Vice President, Network and Operations (NA)

Alistair Crook

Head of Video Delivery (EMEA)

Michael Dargue

Vice President (EMEA)

David Davies

Vice President, Telco Delivery (EMEA)

Rick Gasloli

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development (NA)

Graham Harvey

Head of Wi-Fi, Implementation Services (EMEA)

Samuel Kornstein, CFA

Vice President, Strategy & Analytics (NA)

Mei Lam

Head of Security Assurance (EMEA)

Mark Markowitz

Vice President (NA)

Rishi Modha

Principal, Strategy & Analytics (NA)

Vito Morawetz

Vice President (EMEA)

Neal Paye

Vice President, Strategy & Analytics (NA)

Dale Reynolds

Vice President (NA)

Lionel Tranchard

Head of Technology Consulting, Principal Consultant (EMEA)

Don Zurawski

Vice President, Client Delivery (NA)