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Professional Development

Whether you are a recent graduate, mid-career or a veteran in your profession, Cartesian gives you the opportunity to engage with clients in all areas of the communications industry. You will encounter some of the most complex and challenging assignments that will develop you professionally and personally.

Professional Development

Teamwork: The best way to grow and learn

Simply put, good consultants learn from their colleagues and clients. Our small project teams and supportive culture give you opportunities to learn every moment of your working day. If you are looking for a way to structure a problem, building a strong relationship with a client, or searching for a hard-to-find piece of information, your colleagues will be there for you. We inspire each other to realize our personal and professional best.

Staffing: Your personal developmentĀ opportunities

When we assign you to projects or firm-building activities, our goal is to help you develop new skills, discover new talents, and deepen your knowledge.

With our broad range of projects, we are able to continuously expose you to new opportunities and challenges. We also offer select opportunities to broaden your experience through international assignments.

Training: BuildĀ solid consulting skills

We offer an excellent training program delivered by your colleagues throughout the calendar year. Here is a small sampling of the training available to you:

  • Logical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Model Building
  • Oral Presentation Skills
  • Project and Team Management
  • Software (Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access)
  • Communications and Media Content
  • Feedback & Evaluation: Development opportunities tailored to your unique needs

Your experiences on projects and learning from colleagues are also important to your development. Through feedback and evaluation, we learn, grow, and succeed. Through formal evaluations and more informal feedback, we celebrate learning victories, reinforce a skill well-applied, and identify ways to improve.