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Practice Case Interview

Case study interviews are key components of the consulting interview and recruiting process, as they test many of the skills you will use daily on the job. Our case studies help us evaluate candidates on several dimensions, including problem structuring, basic quantitative ability, and issue identification.

Practice Cases

We strongly encourage candidates to practice in advance of their case interviews. Knowing what interviewers are looking for can help you approach case interviews with organization and purpose.

What interviewers look for

  • The ability to:
    • Identify key information and prioritize odeas
    • Switch mindsets and ideate from another perspective (e.g. looking at an issue from the investor and then the consumer angles)
    • Conduct numerical analysis
    • Retain and process new information
    • Coherently and effectively communicate your thoughts
  • Feel for business strategy
  • Basic business judgment and logic
  • Comfort organizing thoughts into numbers

With these points in mind, use the resources below, which include questions, suggested answers, and guidance, to help you prepare.

Our interviewers are looking for future colleagues, so use the case interview as an opportunity to showcase your strengths, emphasizing the traits and abilities that are essential to consulting.