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Revenue Assurance

Communication Service Providers operate some of the most complex systems in the world. Every day, their networks, billing, and operational support systems process millions of events. In this high-volume operation, the financial consequences of even a small error can rapidly mount up.

Protecting margins by controlling risk

Anyone that has worked in the Finance or Billing team of a CSP knows that risk control is essential. CSPs require a robust framework that can be relied upon to protect their revenues and margins. A framework that can grow with the business as new products, services, and technology are rolled out.

Revenue Assurance provides this confidence by addressing questions such as:

  • Is there any hidden revenue leakage?
  • What can be done to protect against future leaks?
  • Are we in control of our interconnect costs? Do we have a complete picture of margins?
  • What new controls do we need to introduce to assure new products and technology?

Cartesian has advised clients on Revenue Assurance for over 25 years and fully understands what it takes to get this right.


How we help

Cartesian’s leadership in Revenue Assurance is widely recognized and we have worked with some of the largest and most complex operations around the world.

We help CSPs to identify and mitigate revenue leakages. We safeguard margins. We help CSPs to better understand their costs and to address operational inefficiencies.

For firms that are new to RA and lack formal controls, Cartesian provides advisory and capacity building services to define and implement best-practice controls and processes.

For those with mature RA systems, Cartesian’s RA Health Check provides additional peace-of-mind that existing controls are working well – or can identify a gap before it’s too late. Our advisory services also help existing operations to expand assurance over new technology or business areas, for example, 5G and IoT.

Our RA Health Checks and forensic audits are supported by a proprietary toolset and award-winning analytical software. Our platform enables custom data analyses and anomaly detection and has been designed for deployment in production environments for clients looking to automate their RA controls.

Examples of our work

  • Through a detailed RA audit, we identified over 45 significant gaps in a Tier 1 CSP’s existing control framework across 4 lines of business and recommended over 100 improvements
  • To support a leading CSP in its MVNO launch, we defined and implemented a new control framework, and implemented automated controls using Cartesian’s assurance platform
  • With our cloud-based revenue and cost assurance platform, we analyze tens of millions of records daily in real-time for a multi-country mobile provider
  • Leveraging our knowledge of video distribution platforms, we are helping Pay TV providers to identify accounts showing a high risk of password theft

Why Cartesian?

  • Pure play: specialists in telecoms and digital media
  • 25 years of experience​ in delivering Revenue and Business Assurance into complex operations
  • Technical and analytical capabilities to support forensic audits and automate production controls
  • Proprietary Assurance Control Framework​