• European Content Protection Summit

    MESA Europe Member - Cartesian

    Cartesian is a Gold Sponsor for MESA Europe's European Content Protection Summit. Rishi Modha will present on credential sharing analytics and David Richards will moderate a panel discussion on tackling piracy revenue streams.
    The one-day event brings together representatives from across the content community to share their views and updates on the current security issues facing the industry.

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  • MVNOs Europe

    How are MVNOs offsetting the impact of the EU’s “Roam Like At Home” regulation? Hear from operators during the panel discussion with Michael Dargue.

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  • Total Telecom Congress 2018

    Facilitating discussions on network transformation, corporate digital transformation and CRM revolution, Massimo Fatato, Michael Dargue and Jaume Fornos join leading telco industry executives at Total Telecom 2018.

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  • Edge Congress

    Is Latency the Primary Drive for Edge? Get the views from industry experts in this panel discussion lead by Jonathan Steinberg at Edge Congress 2018.

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  • Broadband World Forum

    Join us at the largest event in the world to focus on networks. Michael Dargue will speak on network virtualization at the executive pre-conference workshop.

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