• Strategy Consultant – Scott

    Scott Consultant

    A Day in the Life 9:30 AM: After heading to the nearby Waitrose to pick up a breakfast snack and free coffee, I settle down to sort through my emails and review my plan for the day. Our client has scheduled an interim update call for my project team this afternoon and much of this […]

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  • Strategy Consultant – Andrew

    Andrew Consultant

    A Day in the Life 8:45 AM: Iced coffee in hand (Dunkin’ Donuts, naturally), I walk into the office to start the day. The morning ritual usually consists of responding to e-mails, catching up on industry news (usually TechMeme and Ars Technica), and planning out the day’s tasks. 9:30 AM: My project team meets to […]

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  • Project Work Samples – Strategy Consultants

    How we do it subimage

    A sampling of project work for a Strategy Consultant 10 weeks Identified mobile solution opportunities that utilize cloud capabilities and estimated associated revenue potential for a telecom service provider. 6 weeks Partnered with the enterprise product development team of a leading US telecom company to launch a hosted unified communications solution. 3 weeks Reviewed the […]

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