• Managed Solutions Consultant – Tom

    Tom Consultant Managed Solutions

    A Day in the Life 9:00 AM: My day starts with a strong coffee and a giggle with colleagues in the chill out area on my office floor. A brief catch-up meeting follows with the project team. This meeting serves as a catch up on the previous day’s work and as a means to prioritise […]

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  • Strategy Business Analyst – Ben

    Ben Business Analyst

    A Day in the Life 9:00 AM: My day typically begins with reading and replying to any overnight emails. If nothing urgent has rolled in, I settle into the day by quickly browsing my favorite industry news sites (TechCrunch, Quartz etc.) over a cup of Nespresso. 9:30 AM: I sit down with my project team to […]

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  • Strategy Senior Business Analyst – SooIn

    SooIn Senior Business Analyst

    A Day in the Life 8:45 AM: I start my day off by reading emails, catching up on the news and any interesting tech updates, planning out my day, and making a pot of tea for the office, a tradition and tea pot I’ve inherited from past analysts. 9:45 AM: I meet with my team […]

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  • Strategy Business Analyst – Jacob

    Jacob Business Analyst

    A Day in the Life 8:30 AM: As I walk to the office in the morning, I usually check my meeting schedule for the day and read any emails that may have come in overnight. I find it’s a good way to ground myself for the day ahead. 9:00 AM: We meet as a team […]

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  • Strategy Consultant – Scott

    Scott Consultant

    A Day in the Life 9:30 AM: After heading to the nearby Waitrose to pick up a breakfast snack and free coffee, I settle down to sort through my emails and review my plan for the day. Our client has scheduled an interim update call for my project team this afternoon and much of this […]

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