Case Study: Credential Sharing Analytics and Strategies for a Services Provider

A leading communications services provider wanted a robust system system and policies to manage unauthorized credential sharing on its TV Everywhere platform.

Here’s how the company is reducing fraud activity.

Client Case Study

Our Client’s Situation:

A leading communications services provider wanted to understand the extent and impact of unauthorized credential sharing on its TV Everywhere platform.

Unauthorized password sharing behaviour was seen to be a growing issue for the company and for the industry as a whole.

Our client also wanted strategies to mitigate the extent of password sharing and estimate the financial opportunity of corresponding monetization initiatives.

How we approached the issue:

We engaged a team that combined skills from strategy, data analytics and technology solutions, and with a knowledge base across telecom, video, and content security to undertake the project.

Our first aim was to ensure our client could quickly grasp the company’s exposure to unauthorized credential sharing activity. We then developed strategies and systems for the company to use to combat fraudulent behavior.

What we did to help:

1. Developed a high-risk account identification methodology to identify high-risk accounts:

  • Using our proprietary risk scoring methodology, we quantified credential sharing behavior and identified accounts for action
  • We gave our client an overview of high-risk patterns

2. Built a credential sharing analytics tool to provide regular ongoing monitoring

  • We created a series of customized dashboards available through a secure-web-based portal for monitoring usage
  • Our client can now access key analysis and reporting at any time

3. Developed credential sharing mitigation strategies to create target mitigation actions

  • We gave our client mitigation policy recommendations
  • Our recommended policies included customer outreach, concurrency limits, device limits, and two-factor authentication

4. Evaluated opportunities to developed monetization strategies for consideration

  • We created proactive marketing and upsell strategies
  • Our plans leveraged usage behavior to identify and target specific customer segments

Client Gains:

Our client’s new mitigation campaigns successfully reduced fraud activity by over 30% compared to control group.

The communication services provider now has:

  • a platform to monitor credential sharing behavior;
  • a program to proactively identify risks and market developments;
  • a set of new policies and mitigation strategies; and,
  • marketing tactics to monetize opportunities.

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