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How we work with you

We are driven to solve complex questions and challenges in the telecoms, media, and technology sector and guided by your ultimate goals: to connect and delight people.

This means building and maintaining robust networks; continuous innovation with services, technology, and business models; and, enhancing entertainment while ensuring secure systems.

What makes us different

Our sector focus and experience mean that we know the industry well and have faced many of the same challenges as you. We speak your language. We can handle your tough questions, intricate systems, and ever-changing customer needs.

Our clients find it easy to work with us. They value our experience, the way we start helping them from day one, and the skills and capabilities that complement their team. Most of all, they like our practical approach and the confidence that our solutions will deliver tangible results.

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Results that work

Clients choose us because we are creative problem-solvers who devise practical strategies, put plans into motion and get things done. Through this dedicated service ethic, we have established a reputation for delivering excellence and have built a global client base of industry leaders.

We work with service providers, network operators, technology vendors, digital media producers and distributors, regulatory authorities, industry associations and investors. Our clients keep coming back to us - whether they are in the same organizations or have moved to different companies across the industries. Today, over 70% of our work is repeat business from people we have worked with before.

Our clients include