Cartesian story

Combining analytics, technology, and industry experience, we help you succeed — faster

Cartesian is a specialist consulting firm of industry experts focused on the global telecommunications, media, and technology industries. For 30 years, we have helped clients worldwide build and execute strategies that transform the products, services, and organizations that shape the industries in which they operate.

Our Story

Our world is transforming. Every day, communications technology creates new opportunities to connect. Always on the move, this world is as complex as it is exciting — just keeping up is a full-time job. To truly succeed, you need to go further. By making this world simpler and smarter, Cartesian makes this happen.

We are passionate about problem solving, figuring things out, seeing things from a different angle and cutting through the complexities of the industry. We not only provide the right solutions, but also the answers that push our clients forward. And by doing this we help organizations transform — themselves, the industry and the wider world.

Ours is a world of opportunity. Combining analytics, technology, and industry experience, we can help you succeed in it — faster.

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Where we work

Our clients span the global communications eco-system. They include:

  • Service providers and network operators
  • Technology firms
  • Digital media producers and distributors
  • Government and regulatory authorities
  • Industry associations
  • Private equity firms

We have conducted projects in all major world regions. Whether it is a local challenge or multi-country, Cartesian has the depth and breadth to meet your needs.

Our clients include