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Combining analytics, technology, and industry experience, we help you succeed — faster

Always on the move, the world of communications is as complex as it is exciting — just keeping up is a full-time job. To truly succeed, you need to go further. By making this world simpler and smarter, Cartesian makes this happen.

End-to-End Support

Clients choose us because we are creative problem-solvers who devise practical strategies, put plans into motion, and get things done.

Through this dedicated service ethic, we have established a reputation for delivering excellence and have built a global client base of industry leaders.

Possessing a wide range of specialist skills, tools, and knowledge, we are uniquely positioned within the communications sector to provide comprehensive and in-depth services.

From inception and strategy to investment, development, operations, and change, to migration and decommissioning, we can provide true end-to-end support to our clients.

We have conducted projects in all major world regions. Whether it is a local challenge or multi-country, Cartesian has the depth and breadth to meet your needs.

Our Services:

Results that work

We work with service providers, network operators, technology vendors, content studios, digital video distributors, regulatory authorities, industry associations, and investors.

Our clients keep coming back to us - whether they are in the same organizations or have moved to different companies across the industries. Today, over 70% of our work is repeat business from people we have worked with before.

Our clients include